Learn Mandarin With Us!
You'll love the full motion fun

Would you like to learn Mandarin Chinese in a way that is interactive and FUN? This is where you'll find many ideas, strategies and even motivation to get in MOTION! There's something for every age, ability and learning style. Many of these strategies are GREAT for kids, but let's face it, if it's fun for kids, we adults will love it too. Here's how you'll be DOING Mandarin actively:

Eat itSmell itTouch itShout itSqueeze it
Cook itJump itWash itClean itShare it
Sing itChant itMake itWork itHide it
Find itThrow itPlay itLaugh itTell it
Act itShow itWrite itSee itHear it
Dance itThink itTaste itRead itSPEAK it!

You get the idea!

Let us show you how with the Mandarin in Motion System!

This website has two purposes:

  • To help you learn Mandarin ONLINE and have fun doing it, whereever you are in the world.
  • To support our IN PERSON Mandarin classes in Vancouver, BC.
  • Look over this site and visit often, I'll continue adding topics like:

  • Written Chinese: pinyin and characters
  • Best way to learn Mandarin
  • Multimedia stuff to help you learn Mandarin
  • Learn Mandarin Clubhouse
  • History of the Chinese Language
  • Mandarin immersion
  • Mandarin schools, courses and programs
  • Mandarin self-study tools and programs
  • Learn Mandarin with drama
  • Language learning styles
  • Conversational Mandarin
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